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Serious communication issues could contribute to divorce

Married couples typically want to have a loving, trusting and strong relationship. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many people around Missouri and across the country. Some marital relationships can face significant issues that can lead to breakdowns in relationships and, potentially, to divorce.

Child support a common concern for divorcing parents

Missouri parents and those around the country have obligations that nonparents do not. Aside from having to take their kids to soccer practice and making sure they do their homework, parents also have to take their children into consideration when getting divorced. In particular, parents in this type of situation commonly have concerns over child support.

Accepting the possibility of divorce may mean living more happily

It may be difficult for many Missouri residents to consider the idea of ending their marriages. They may have heard that divorce is an embarrassing event that can often feel like a failure, though the public perception of divorce has changed over the years. It is important to remember that numerous marriages come to an end through legal proceedings, and the situation can go more smoothly if individuals do not have such a negative view of this outcome.

Views on child custody have changed over the years

To many Missouri residents, divorce may seem inevitable. While that certainly is not the case for everyone, numerous couples do choose to end their relationships. As a result, they must separate the lives that they began to build together, and if they have children, child custody matters need to be addressed.

Does language automatically make divorce adversarial?

It is common for Missouri residents and those elsewhere to consider ending their marriages an adversarial event. After all, much of the language associated with divorce proceedings can seem harsh and adversarial in itself. Some people may want to consider changing the way they speak about marriage dissolution in hopes of seeing less conflict in their cases.

Divorce month sees changes to alimony tax law

Certain times of Missouri residents' lives can trigger a need for change. Some people may find that the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to make changes in life, and it is not unusual for a considerable number of individuals to feel that those changes should involve divorce. In fact, January is often considered divorce month.

Family law: Attorneys can fight for who gets the dog

Pets are an important part of a family unit. Many families and couples view their pets as another member of their family. When a couple decides to divorce, custody and the care of a pet may be a contentious argument. In Missouri, a pet is viewed as the property of the couple, but it is not property that can be divided or sold to split the proceeds like a house or a car.

Family law: Court ruling sets new precedent

Everything between a couple during a marriage is eligible for spouses to negotiate during the division of assets. One of the biggest assets that most couples share is retirement funds, which may be a contentious part of negotiations. Until a recent court ruling was made, financial advisors may have advised clients that retirement funds divided after a divorce were protected in the event of filing for bankruptcy. Missouri family law attorneys may have new advice for clients, following a new court ruling.

Family law: Is the divorce rate in Missouri decreasing?

There has been a surprising decrease in the divorce rate over the last 10 years. Family law attorneys in Missouri and across the country are reporting a decline in divorce, but many also report an increase in prenuptial agreements. Different studies have led experts to conclude that the decline may be related to millennials' approach to marriage, higher rates of women with college degrees and marriages at later ages.

How can family law attorneys help parents prepare for college?

Anyone who has processed a divorce can attest to the pain and loneliness often suffered. It can be difficult to consider all necessary logistics when in the midst of hurt and pain. Family law attorneys in Missouri understand the sensitive nature of a divorce, especially when children are involved. Because the end of a marriage can affect all areas of life, including a child's future college education, it is important to seek legal and professional advice.

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