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Hit-and-run accident leads to injuries for Missouri driver

There are many roadway maneuvers that can prove tricky for drivers. These scenarios can be even more dangerous if other drivers are not paying attention. In particular, merging lanes or exiting interstate roadways can pose a number of hazards. In fact, a serious accident could result.

It was recently reported that a crash resulting in injuries took place in Missouri. Details on the incident were few, but the report stated that a collision between two vehicles occurred at the bottom of an interstate exit ramp. The incident resulted in one vehicle overturning and catching fire. The driver of the second vehicle involved did not stay at the scene. There was only one person in the vehicle that flipped, and details regarding the second vehicle and its driver were not given in the report.

Divorce month sees changes to alimony tax law

Certain times of Missouri residents' lives can trigger a need for change. Some people may find that the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to make changes in life, and it is not unusual for a considerable number of individuals to feel that those changes should involve divorce. In fact, January is often considered divorce month.

This year, January also brings about changes related to ending marriages. Changes to tax laws have recently gone into effect that alter how alimony payments are deducted and taxed. Previously, the ex-spouse ordered to pay alimony could deduct the payments from his or her overall income. As a result, he or she would not have to pay the associated taxes, and the receiving ex-spouse would pay taxes on the amount at a lower rate.

Missouri woman facing felony charges for child abduction

When it comes to their children, parents may not always act rationally. If someone tries to take a child away from a parent, that individual may feel the need to take drastic actions in order to keep the child. However, if those actions are illegal, it is possible for felony charges to result.

It was recently reported that a Missouri woman was taken into custody after a missing child was found in the attic of her house. According to reports, the child had been reported missing in August after his mother did not return him to his father. In October, an endangered person advisory was issued. The advisory was issued because it was suspected that the child was around his mother's boyfriend, who was ordered by the court to stay away from the child.

Personal injury attorneys can advise victims after car accidents

Following a car accident involving injuries and/or death, a victim may not know where to begin to recover financial losses. Immediately, victims usually seek necessary medical care for any injuries suffered. Later, medical expenses and car repair expenses often result in individuals feeling overwhelmed and may add financial strain. A personal injury attorney can advise victims of their options to recover some financial expenses in some crash scenarios. One man in Missouri may need an attorney's advice following injuries he suffered after a car accident.

According to the accident report, the crash occurred at an intersection between a smaller vehicle and a larger SUV. The 21-year-old driver of the smaller vehicle apparently failed to stop at a stop sign at an intersection and drove into oncoming traffic. His vehicle was struck by an SUV on the driver's side.

New research finds 40% of teens text behind the wheel

Distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic fatalities nationwide, killing roughly nine people every day. And while we know it’s illegal and unsafe, texting and phone use behind the wheel continues. We see it every day in the cars next to us when we’re out driving.

Anything can create a distraction in the car–a meal, other passengers, your GPS–but the CDC finds that texting is by far the most dangerous. Texting combines three dangerous factors–you take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel and your attention away from driving. In the five seconds it takes you to type out a text, you travel the span of a football field if you’re going 55 MPH. An accident can happen in one second.

Family law: Attorneys can fight for who gets the dog

Pets are an important part of a family unit. Many families and couples view their pets as another member of their family. When a couple decides to divorce, custody and the care of a pet may be a contentious argument. In Missouri, a pet is viewed as the property of the couple, but it is not property that can be divided or sold to split the proceeds like a house or a car.

Some states have begun to recognize pets as more than property and are adjusting their laws accordingly. Missouri is not yet one of those states, making negotiations of who gets the pet a complicated argument. Some couples have reported that pets are often used as leverage by one spouse to inflict pain or as a negotiating tactic in divorce proceedings. An attorney reports that sometimes pet ownership is determined by who originally obtained the pet and placed their name on the paperwork.

Personal injury: Lawsuit settled with duck boat company

Duck boats are known for being used in World War II and have the ability to travel on land and water. Duck boats are currently being used around the country as a form of entertainment for tourists, including tours on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Recently, a personal injury lawsuit was settled between the family of two victims and the touring company on the lake, following a boat sinking during a tour on Table Rock Lake.

On the day of the victims' death, the National Weather service issued a severe storm warning 20 minutes prior to the boat's entry into the lake. Despite the warning, the boat entered the lake, and the water became turbulent, resulting in the boat sinking. As a result, seven individuals were injured, and 17 people died.

Victims suffer serious personal injury in semi crash

According to a report, family members of four different victims of a recent fatal multi-vehicle crash Missouri were notified of their loved one's deaths. It is certainly upsetting to lose a loved one, and especially difficult just before the holidays. When complicated crashes such as this one occur, victims and family members of deceased victims often find the assistance of a personal injury attorney helpful.

Reportedly, a large car hauler caught fire on the interstate. The fire and the attempt to put it out stopped traffic. The four vehicles occupied by the victims were among the vehicles stalled behind the fire. At some point, a semi approached the stopped traffic, but it failed to stop and crashed into the stalled vehicles. 

Family law: Court ruling sets new precedent

Everything between a couple during a marriage is eligible for spouses to negotiate during the division of assets. One of the biggest assets that most couples share is retirement funds, which may be a contentious part of negotiations. Until a recent court ruling was made, financial advisors may have advised clients that retirement funds divided after a divorce were protected in the event of filing for bankruptcy. Missouri family law attorneys may have new advice for clients, following a new court ruling.

The court ruling is the result of one man attempting to protect his retirement funds from creditors. The man obtained half of his wife's 401(k) and all of her IRA in the property division. Following the divorce, the man apparently filed for bankruptcy and expected his retirement funds to be protected from creditors, as has been the case for many in the past.

5 common criminal defense strategies

Nothing in life is as simple as it first may seem. We see that play out in the courtroom on a regular basis as criminal defense attorneys. Our forefathers, who created the criminal justice system that we have today, were insightful enough to build a judicial system based on the foundation that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

To protect those charged with a crime, both sides of a criminal case have a right to fair legal representation. That is where criminal defense lawyers come in. While the prosecution works to prove guilt, the defense works to prove innocence, or at least a defense that reduces culpability.

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