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2 men facing serious charges, criminal defense plan uncertain

Being charged with a violent crime is a very serious matter, as a conviction can change the course of one's life. Two men are currently facing such charges after police say they committed several crimes in recent days, including but not limited to kidnapping. As Missouri authorities continue to build their case against these men, both have a need for a skilled criminal defense in the matter. 

According to police, the 31-year-old and 29-year-old men approached several women with whom they had a dispute over missing money. It appears at least two of the women visited the men in a motel room over the weekend. There is no report of trouble during that visit, but the following morning one of the men called one of the women and accused her of stealing cash from him. 

Family law: Is the divorce rate in Missouri decreasing?

There has been a surprising decrease in the divorce rate over the last 10 years. Family law attorneys in Missouri and across the country are reporting a decline in divorce, but many also report an increase in prenuptial agreements. Different studies have led experts to conclude that the decline may be related to millennials' approach to marriage, higher rates of women with college degrees and marriages at later ages.

A recent study reports that the divorce rate has lowered as much as 18 percent over the last 10 years. Many attribute the decline to the way that millennials approach marriage and when they decide to become married. Statistics indicate that millennials are waiting until they are older to get married, are maybe more selective about who they marry and often wait until they are financially stable.

Personal injury: Head-on crash results in injuries for driver

All motor-vehicle accidents are unfortunate, but head-on collisions are particularly dangerous for its occupants. When two vehicles collide head-on, there is typically significant damage to both vehicles. In addition, most head-on collisions result in serious personal injury and/or death for some or all of the occupants in the vehicles. Sadly, a fatal collision occurred recently in Missouri, resulting in the death of one man and injuries to another driver. 

The accident occurred in the early evening hours. For unknown reasons, one driver crossed the median into the opposite lane of traffic. The driver was a 52-year-old man, and he suffered serious injuries. After transport to a hospital, the man died. There are no details reported at this time as to why authorities suspect the man drove into the other lane of traffic. 

How can family law attorneys help parents prepare for college?

Anyone who has processed a divorce can attest to the pain and loneliness often suffered. It can be difficult to consider all necessary logistics when in the midst of hurt and pain. Family law attorneys in Missouri understand the sensitive nature of a divorce, especially when children are involved. Because the end of a marriage can affect all areas of life, including a child's future college education, it is important to seek legal and professional advice.

Reportedly, many college students of divorced parents pay for the majority of their higher education on their own whether through cash, scholarships or school loans. Many students do not have the help of their parents due to the financial constraints that some divorced parents will feel following separation. Financial advisors explain that, with careful planning and research, financial aid is often available to students of divorced parents.

Did changes in Missouri law make you eligible for expungement?

You made a mistake years ago. You committed a crime that makes it extremely difficult to purchase a home, apply for a well-paying job and therefore, move past the life-changing negative actions you took when you were young.

As you show remorse and rebuild your life after your conviction, you hold the right to receive all possible opportunities for the United States to view you as a law-abiding citizen. In Missouri, after new regulations took effect in March of 2018, various new criminal offenses joined the list of crimes eligible for expungement.

Fighting a DUI or DWI charge

For a person facing charges for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in Missouri, it may seem as though there’s no way to avoid criminal penalties. Loss of a driver’s license, a criminal record, jail time and damage to your livelihood are all potential consequences of DUI/DWI charges.

Due to the severity and potential life-changing impact of these charges, it’s worth considering your criminal defense options to fight the case. There are a few ways to fight a DUI or DWI charge in Missouri, so consider your options before the court settles a case.

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