Helping You Obtain Justice After A Tragic Loss

Losing a loved one to an avoidable fatal accident can overwhelm and devastate a family. When another's careless or negligent action leads to your loved one's death, you may struggle to find closure when you seek answers for this senseless act.

Speaking to a caring and knowledgeable advocate can help you find peace of mind and obtain justice for your loved one's wrongful death. At Holfrich Hotz Brandt, LLC, our personal injury attorneys counsel with compassion when we advise family members searching for solutions after tragedy. You can easily reach us by calling 636-266-2279.

Securing Maximum Compensation After Your Loss

Our attorneys have practiced law since 2006. Although we have helped many families and individuals over time, we take a personal approach to each personal injury case. We will oversee all matters relating to your legal concerns so that you can focus on healing.

We have secured compensation to cover these expenses and noneconomic damages:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Accident-related medical expenses incurred before your loved one's passing
  • Loss of financial support due to lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship and support

We know that taking legal action will not change the past, but it can positively affect the future. This is why our lawyers use Missouri's wrongful death laws to hold at-fault individuals and businesses responsible for negligence and carelessness. We will customize our legal strategies according to the unique circumstances of your case and develop strong arguments that persuade judges and juries. We will tirelessly pursue justice for you.

After you have suffered a deep loss, you deserve to work with an ally dedicated to your cause. Count on us to guide you with care at this time.

Speak With A Committed Advocate Today

Do you think that you have a wrongful death case? Talk to us today to learn about your legal options and possible outcomes. We do not charge for initial consultations at our Washington . Please arrange your meeting by completing this intake form or by calling 636-266-2279.